Understanding your needs

Do you know what is the best leather edge painting process for you?

During the last few years we've had lots of interactions with many leather crafters, professional and hobbyist, bigger and smaller, from all over the world. We collected many information and we make a great experience, experimenting with our customers different approaches, depending on their specific needs, keeping as mandatory the creation of a high-quality leather edge.

We can now resume all our experience in two main processes, that 99% will be the right choice to get what you're looking for.

Try first, then decide.

That's always been our main policy: to give leather crafters the opportunity to try first our products. We now enlarge the choice of Trial Packs: basing on the processes you think is the most suitable to your needs, and with a minimum cost, you can get a Trial Pack and test it at your home. 

Answer the question and find out the best process for you.

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