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Choose the right hand applicator craftool can make the difference on your leather edge

In this document you will learn:

  • An overview on the most common tools used for leather edge hand painting;
  • The best practice to use the right tool depending on the item you need to paint;
  • Tips for craftools maintenance;
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To achieve a perfect finish of the leather edge you should keep in your mind two fundamental factors: the type of paint and the type of application.

In order to properly choose what to use you must have a knowledge of what there is available on the market, how it can (and should) be used and what are the advantages and disadvantages for each individual tools for leather edge hand painting.

The final choice will then be made to suiting your needs and determined by the type of product you are working on. The guide is being pursued to provide a clear overview of the most common tools and their features. 

What is the difference between hand application and machine application?

The choice of the type of application (by hand or by machine) usually must be performed upstream and is determined by the following factors:

  • the type of product you will working on;
  • the quality of finish that you want to achieve;
  • the time that you have available for the item production (in case of industrial production);

For every item you will working on, being it a belt, a purse, a wallet, a key ring, you will have to deal with different geometry. Angles and very pronounced curves are hardly achievable with the use of automatic machines.

In the hand-application of the quality of finish is largely influenced by the experience and manual skills of those who work, however skilled craftsmen (or even major industry brands) prefer the hand-application because if well performed it allows the best quality.

Normally in case of a very large production the hand-application will require a greater number of hours of work, however, this factor must be assessed according to your needs.

If you want to deepen this topic, read our blog post about the methods of Leather Edge Dyeing.

What are the most used tools for Leather Edge Dyeing?

In order to properly choose what to use you must have a clear knowledge of which tools for leather edge dyeing are available on the market. The most commons used tools for leather edge paint hand application can be resumed in the following four craftools.


Sponge_Applicator_for_Leather_Edge_Paint The sponge is perhaps the most popular tool among the leather crafters, because of its easy availability and its low cost. However it is not a very easy tool to be used as it requires a great experience by the operator, and turns out to be uncomfortable when found ourselves faced with particular curves or very tight corners. In these cases the operator is forced to change the sponge shape and size, almost becoming a sculptor to model his instrument and make it suitable to the piece that he is painting. The sponge usually should be selected according to its consistency, in order to have a moderate absorption and a gradual release of the paint.


Rod_for_Leather_Edge_Dyeing Some leather crafters prefer to use a rod for the leather edge paint handapplication. The rod can be of different materials, depending on what is available, it can sometimes also be used the back side of a paint brush. It allows high accuracy on very tight corners or hard to reach, but being a little handy tool when you are in front of large items or anyway with very large surface areas.


NEW_ROLLER_DYE_PEN_03_b It is perhaps one of the most used tools for painting leather edges by hand application, as it is one of the best compromise between cost and performance. It allows to apply the leather edge paint almost on all types leather goods items, in a quick and precise way. It needs no special maintenance, just a good attention in cleaning the pen during and after use, and his life is definitely long lasting. There are different types and different costs, between one and the other could find differences in the materials used, and especially on a ball system for rotating the tip. Some of them are also equipped with replacement parts in case you want to replace the head.


Table_Edge_Dye_Roller_Applicator_1 It is one of the latest tools presented on the market of leather craftsmen. This manual instrument fairly well simulates the type of processing of an automatic machine, allowing an application also fairly accurate over a very large surface, in a quick way. Because the paint is poured into the tank, the main advantage that you notice during its use is to not have too frequent need to pick up the paint all the time, but it will fill the tank when finished. It requires great care during cleaning, because if not performed correctly (especially on the roller), day by day the remaining paint deposits can affect its proper operation. The cost is still contained and the new support (optional part) make it even easier and comfortable its use.

How much do you need to spend in craftools for leather edge dyeing? Don't mind about spending to much money, because with a good manual ability you can even perform high quality finish of your leather edge simply using Professional and Cheap Craftools for leather edge dyeing.